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You're probably seeking the services of a registered psychologist for yourself or a family member for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You're suffering depression, anxiety or stress (at home or work related).
  • You need to address relationship issues or marital guidance (perhaps a sexual problem).
  • You want to increase your self-esteem, confidence, motivation or general state of mind.
  • You've sustained a significant trauma (motor vehicle accident, workplace injury, assault or natural disaster). Perhaps you need a Psycho-Legal Assessment and Court Report.
  • You've grieving for the loss of a loved one.
  • You want to cure an alcohol or drug dependency (or quit smoking).
  • You're worried about your children (perhaps residency or guardianship, their experience of divorce or separation, or Access arrangements).
  • You need to mediate a solution to a dispute.

Focussed Psychological Solutions address all of these issues, all of which are part and parcel of modern life. These Solutions aim to achieve balance, stability, and enthusiasm for life.

When choosing a psychologist, it is important to look at credibility, ability and expertise.


My qualifications and experience are of forty-two (42) years. I am a Fellow and the current National President of the Australian Association of Psychologists. I have four University degrees (to masters level), and have lectured in Psychology at the University of Queensland, Griffith and Bond Universities. I am also a published author of four psychology texts.


I have conducted psychotherapy with thousands of patients during my career, within the public and private sectors, and in hospitals, clinics and Private Practice. I've also completed more than five (500) hundred (possible as many as 1,000 by now) psychological assessments for WorkCover, Insurance Companies, Accident & Injury Solicitors, Criminal Barristers, and Family Law Solicitors. I have comprehensive psychological knowledge and practical experience of rehabilitation, pain and injury management, alcoholism and drug dependence, trauma management, pre-sentencing, parole and probation requirements, Family Law Court counselling, and mediation. My skills in Court Report writing are similarly of the highest standard. I use the most appropriate (restricted) psychological tests (including P.I.R.S.) to back up every assertion, culminating in highly defensible recommendations.


I have a Medal of the Order of Australia and a United Nations Award for services to Psychology both in Australia and internationally. I have appeared as a Court appointed (expert) witness on many occasions.

Health Rebates and Medicare

Some of my services attract Private Health Fund rebates. It doesn't matter which Fund you're with. You simply present my invoice for payment at your Fund's office. No referral is necessary for Private Health Fund rebates, but as they all pay different rates, you might like to check with them about their refunds. For a Medicare rebate, you will need a "2710 Mental Health Plan" from your GP, incorporating my name as the Provider.


The cost of a (one-hour) standard consultation is $250.00 (GST included), and must be paid in full at the time of your appointment. Accounts are not given.

Assessment Venues
  • Brisbane - Level 18, 333 Ann Street, City.
  • Sydney - Level 32, 1 Market Street, City.
  • Melbourne - Level 23, HWT Tower, 40 City Road, Southgate.
  • Gold Coast - Level 9, Corporate Centre 11, 1 Corporate Court, Bundall.