As an author, Paul Stevenson has penned three books, Postcards from Ground Zero, Are We There Yet? and Best Practice for Human Services as well as a relaxation CD, It’s All Good.

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Best Practice for Human Services: A Manager’s Guide

If you’re like me, you will have experienced the frustration of researching best practice principles for your agency, via organizational psychology texts which are as thick as telephone directories. Further, they are all written from the view point of the Corporate Sector. In essence, it would seem that best practice is all about increasing the bottom line. That is, the principles of making people work faster, harder, more satisfied, more motivated, and more reliably in the interests of increasing profits. But the Human Services Industry isn’t dependent on the bottom line. Sure, viability is important, as is the efficient and responsible use of funds (sometimes public funds). But, invariably the Human Services Industry is about spending not saving, and about working itself out of business – the converse of the Corporate Sector. This manual (and the three workbooks that accompany it – Are we there yet?; Scooping the pools; and Setting the B.A.R.S. – is designed to rake through the soup of those thick corporate texts, to present the material that is specifically designed to enhance the Human Services Sector. Like the industry at large, it is simple, concise and readable. I’ll tell you what I think, based on 48 years experience in the Industry. RRP $66.00.


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Are we There Yet? A Brief Strategic Planning and Process Evaluation Method for Human Services

This book presents a description of models of strategic planning and process evaluation within the human services industry – an industry like no other, in that its essential purpose is to put itself out of business. Just how well it does that is questionable, as more and more of the nation’s financial resources are put to welfare provision. There’s no doubt about it – human services is big business in Australia. But it is mostly ad hoc in nature, poorly planned, and rarely evaluated. Clearly, what we need in the industry is a method for measuring change, adaptability and processes – not outcomes. For outcomes can be fudged, whereas processes are genuine. Further, if we have the right processes, the outcomes will vicariously look after themselves. That’s what this workbook is about. RRP $33.00.


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…it’s all good – Relaxation and Visual Imagery – Compact Disc

This compact disc takes the listener on a journey through problem formation and problem resolution. Accompanied by original music composition and lyrics, you will be able to achieve and appreciate complete physical and mental relaxation. The first track contains a traditional muscle relaxation exercise, while the second embarks on a visual imagery experience, aimed to put complex problems into a better perspective. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the redecision of your difficulties. Playtime is just twenty-two (22) minutes, and the entire CD can be enjoyed at the start of every stressful day. RRP $33.00.


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Postcards from Ground Zero

This book is a non-fiction annotated pictorial and autobiography of my first fifteen (15) years of national and international disaster management interventions. Here I discuss my onsite experiences in crisis interventions to major disasters, with reference to the Moura Mine Disaster, the Port Arthur Shootings, the Thredbo Landslip, the Bali Bombings, the J.W. Marriott Hotel Bombing, businesses affected by the Australian Embassy Bombing in Jakarta, and the Indian Ocean Tsunami, as well as provide an insightful analysis of current trends in counter-terrorism. RRP $27.95


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