About Access Psychology

Access Psychology was established by Paul Stevenson (OAM) on the Gold Coast in 1991, and has since operated continuously in all states and territories, as well as internationally. Our psychologists continuously aim to provide high quality psychology and psychometric assessment services to local community. Our team consists of three psychologists with eclectic backgrounds and experience.  Recently, Access Psychology became a teaching clinic for Psychology Masters Programs of two local universities, which increased our capacity and affordability for psychology services. Our clinic is located at Surfers Paradise, just five minute walk from the beach.

Roza Hammon


Roza is a provisional psychologist who provides a positive, empathic, trauma-informed, inclusive, and non-judgmental space to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

With Roza, clients can explore their values and strengths, and get support to achieve their psychological wellbeing and other personal and life goals.

She uses evidence-based therapy to help individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, as well as life, work and personal relationships issues. Additionally, she can provide a range of psychometric assessments, including assessment of intelligence, memory, learning difficulties, personality, and other functioning/behavioural assessments.

Leanne Bottomley

Registered Psychologist | BPSYCHSCI | PGRADDIPSYCH

Leanne is a highly experienced psychologist having practiced within hospital inpatient and outpatient mood, anxiety, addiction, and eating disorder programs, private practice, NSW state itervention services, and brain stimulation therapy.

She has a strong interest in treating complex mental health difficulties, particularly: PTSD, adult OCD, personality disorder, and treatment resistant depression.

She employs evidence-based interventions, including schema-focused therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and emotion-focused therapy.

Paul Stevenson OAM

Director | Senior Psychologist | Traumatologist | M.App.Psych.

Adj. Prof. Fellow Paul J. Stevenson has fifty years of experience in the Human Services Industry, as a senior psychologist he leads a dedicated team of experienced practitioners.

Over the past 30 years, Paul has provided treatment to victims of trauma, and strategic design and evaluation of disaster management interventions.

His on-site disaster consultancies include the Bali Bombings (2002 and 2005), the J.W. Marriott Hotel bombing in Jakarta (2003), and the Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster (2004 - 2005).

Paul has served as Senior Psychologist for Australia's offshore processing centres on Nauru and Manus Islands. He is currently a consultant to the Australian Defence Force.