Your Professional supervision will be booked with our Principal Psychologist Paul Stevenson and is available on an ongoing basis for Health Practitioners of all disciplines including, fully registered Psychologists, and registered Provisional Psychologists undergoing the 4+2 and 5+1 Board Approved Supervision Programs.

From 1993 till 1996,  as a consultant to the Queensland Psychologist’s Board, Paul designed and implemented the first Australian Psychology Board Approved Supervision Program, which established the bench mark for supervision programs in every State from that time onwards.

Currently, Paul is accredited as an STAP Approved Supervisor, both as Primary and Secondary, and provides services for up to the permissible five year time limit for completion of your program.  Paul is able to guide you through all competencies and provide all necessary instruments, psychological tests and measurements.

Areas of expertise include (but are not limited to): addictions; assessments for cognitive, developmental, vocational, personality and psychopathology; Autism; NDIS; psychiatric diagnosis and the Psychiatric Impairment Rating Scale; Psycholegal assessment and Court report writing; trauma, compassion fatigue and CISM.


Fees: All fees are paid in advance, and range from $150 to $250 per session according to the payment plan below:

Sessions 1 10 20 30 40
Total Cost

Please note: While the Board Approved Provisional Supervision Program is designed to be completed in 80 sessions, with the total payment being twice what is quoted above, the actual completion of the program could take up to five years. As such, the stated rates  apply until the Program is completed.

Cancellation policy: There is no penalty (or cancellation fee) for missed or cancelled appointments, only those actually attended.  Therefore, it may be the case that, even if it takes five years to complete the Board Approved Supervision Program, you still might not have attended more than the prescribed 80 sessions, nor paid any more cost than is listed above. All refunds for a supervisee initiated cancellation of the program are minus the above costs at the time of cancellation.  For example, if you pay for 40 sessions at $6,000, but cancel your program after 20 sessions, you will be deemed to have paid for 20 sessions, and the refund will be $2,000 (i.e. $6,000 – $4,000).  However, In the event of a supervisor initiated cancellation (at the same time in the program), you will be deemed to have completed half what you paid for, and receive a refund of $3,000.